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another day in the life AND PUMPKINS!!!

Yesterday Annie came home from school and was talking about how she had to take breaks at recess to sit down because her legs were slowing her down, I don't think she understands that it was due to her pump being turned down, she has never really understood how much it helped her because she was always on the medication. It takes 24 hours for her pump changes to kick in because of how long the catheter in her is and how small of an amount of medicine needs to reach her to do the job. It just amazes me that we went from 60 mg of muscle relaxers in a day to 367 mcg (367 mcg = 0.367 mg), so when we switched her from the pill to the pump she needed so much less to do the same job. I am even more excited that she will no longer need the pump or the muscle relaxers after this operation.

On to more fun matters-

Tomorrow we are going to Cokesbury church with Sneaky Tiki for their annual PUMPKIN PATCH opening, we will have bracelets and Sneaky Tiki will have shaved ice for sale so come on down and get a pumpkin, meet Annie, buy a bracelet and shaved ice as it will be a lovely day for it. 100% of the bracelet profits go directly towards Annie's surgery and will benefit her. For more information check out events HERE

T-SHIRTS HAVE 8 DAYS LEFT!!! so just a friendly reminder to come and get your tshirt before the sale ends.

Thank you to all of our supporters, helpers, businesses and friends for being so kind and wonderful during this time and we appreciate you dearly.

Here is an older picture of Annie and I that is one of my faves, hopefully you enjoy it too!

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