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Another Great Day For Dancing...

We went to meet more new friends today! We got to meet Mrs. Christie Costello of Costello's Butcher and Deli and Miss. Wendy Joe of Antique Marketplace and they both graciously allowed us to place a donation jar and Annie's bracelets in their shops! Check out our Vendors Here for where to find them to get your bracelet locally or check out the shop HERE to buy one now and have it shipped!

Our new friends at Costello's Butcher and Deli are talking about a collaborative concert possibly, stay tuned for more info! I am so blessed to have met people willing to help me make big things happen!

REMINDER- 13 days left to get your T-Shirts HERE

Enjoy this treat of Annie dancing and singing, this song is special to us, Daddy plays it when Annie has a bad attitude and it cheers her right up, P.S. I will not be singing in said concert LOL

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