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Busy Busy Busy

This has been a super busy week for us, a family friend came in from Texas to do a photo shoot with Annie for her site, I have uploaded a sneak peak from our personal photos we took on our cell phone during the shoot, Stay tuned for the finals from Rushton Photography :-)!

We had a lot of fun down at Sneaky Tiki Bar today , the local shaved ice near us was at our community center and he has agreed to keep a flyer, donation jar and some bracelets/keychains that Annie has made with him wherever he goes. Check out his site HERE to find out where he is today and get yourself an awesome shaved ice and pick up a handmade bracelet from his food truck! Also, we are planning an Annie meet and greet at the community center with Sneaky Tiki very soon so keep on the look out for that. Thank you Peter with Sneaky Tiki, we appreciate everything.

I spoke to the scheduler at St. Louis today and it looks like we will be put down for May, she said they schedule three months out so she will contact us in February to get on the books with an actual date!

Annie has been super shy about all of this the last few weeks, her favorite parts are that everyone is buying up her bracelets, she thinks its way cool that they are going all over the country, second she loves her t-shirt and wants it in every single I guess we will own them in all the colors eventually ;-).

We will be keeping busy getting the word out there, if you see us feel free to say hi or wave!

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