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Good news, yay! pump decrease # 2, walker progress and more stiffness

The good news--- so much I want to say but the good people helping us are working so hard that I do not want to spoil all the good news at one time! So I will try to share bits without all until we are ready :-)

I heard we have a date for the concert!!! I will share as soon as I can, we will also have a bunch of food trucks from our local area there, if anyone is interested in setting up a stand please let me know!

Annie had her second pump decrease, we are super excited about moving forward! I am so nervous about her walking once she is off the baclofen, I keep making alternative plans, right now we are settling for a walker but I do not know just how much this is going to effect her. We also took some time to make our yard a little spoookyy this halloween, I hope you all stay safe and have fun!

I may have found her a walker through an old friend that helps people in need, I will share if it works out!

I think this weekend we are exhausted and taking a break, the past few weeks have been packed full of people, places, hard work and fun but we are sleeping in tomorrow. Annie is more tired than usual lately too and I think we are just tiring her out between school and fun and homework.


I heard from our friend Juicy at the Southern Saints Brotherhood Motorcycle Club and they are also working diligently on their own fundraiser for us, I cannot wait to share these details that we are ironing out!

REMEMBER- 1 DAYS LEFT FOR T-SHIRTS! and keep an eye out for all the event details :-)

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