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Happy Tears, Hope and Love

I cannot even begin to say how huge today was for us!

We went out to Harley Davidson and met some awesome people, Sneaky Tiki has been phenomenal in helping us get the word out and collecting donations, thank you Peter, your kindness and generosity has really touched us and we appreciate you.

We will be going back to Harley next Saturday so keep on the look out for the next meet Annie event.

We also met with some awesome biker groups today, I was in tears on the way home. We expected to just pop in for a minute and meet everyone and then head home but we stayed for almost 3 hours. EVERY SINGLE PERSON we met was phenomenal and so very welcoming. Annie enjoyed every minute of our time there. She bribed everyone for hugs too! I do not want to put out there what they have planned for her just yet but I do want to say I am excited and I pray that it all works out.

I cried happy tears, tears of joy and hope. I have been so down about hitting brick wall after brick wall with her medical treatment over the years and today I have hope. Hope in humankind, hope for medicine, hope for Annie. Today we didn't just meet a massive group of awesome bikers, we met miracle workers, hope givers and people just like us, full of love.

Thank you to all our new friends and family, thank you for the hope you have given my family, thank you for loving on our Annie.

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