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Great News! we started an Instagram today! Please follow us on Instagram HERE

It was another long day for Annie, we had lots of company but truth be told I actually like planning a packed day for Annie , it keeps her active and works her muscles to keep them strong, without her having to feel like she is having active physical therapy. I specifically choose toys for the backyard that challenge her capabilities to keep her moving.

Sometimes as parents of special needs kids we need to keep pushing them and never listen to those around us that say to quit because you just don't know what they can accomplish until you actually try. On the other side of pushing is the agonizing truth that she is in pain. This poses the question: Do we stop, get a wheelchair, and let her rest more or do we keep pushing?

I am sharing a video of the ugly side today, another one showing how tight her muscles really are. We aim for nightly stretching and massaging before bed to help her sleep. She always (most of the time) puts on a big bright smile regardless of her ailments. I often think to myself what my own attitude would be in her shoes. I'm so proud of my beautiful little angel, she is just as strong as she can be and I could not be prouder of her.

I will fight to the ends of the earth to get her every treatment available that will benefit her AND yes I will massage her legs every night that she needs me too. <3

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