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SDR Pricing Structure 2020 Final (2)
Download PD • 605KB

I wanted to provide those that are curious with more details and be fairly transparent. We as Annie's parents have chosen to set up entirely separate accounts for all of her fundraising so we can track all funds related and keep receipts. I have also attached a copy of Dr. Parks pricing structure. Per my discussion with St. Louis today she will need SDR, baclofen pump removal, the orthopedic equipment, and "probably" PERCS too which is the tendon/muscle lengthening procedure. We will need to be there for a about a month while she has the surgery and initial three weeks of physical therapy post operatively. Annie will be able to come home and continue receiving physical therapy here after the initial recommended intensive therapy in St. Louis.

The chat function works and it reaches Steven (her dad) or I (mom) if you have questions.

To learn more about Selective dorsal rhizotomy or hereditary spastic paraplegia click HERE

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