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One more week! SDR 2/19/21

With one more week to go and everyone making their last minute donations we are excited to say we made it to the half way point in our goal! We appreciate everyone's hard work and support in this journey.

Annie is both excited and nervous about surgery, the last month of living with the full brunt of her condition has showed her just how much she always needed the meds/pump to remain on her feet and comfortable most of the time... without them she struggles but her attitude is right. I hear her say things like "after my surgery I won't trip over my toes anymore" or "after my surgery I can walk normal". It warms my heart that she is starting to accept it and be less afraid and more excited.

We want to thank Southern Saints Brotherhood RC and Brothers United RC for their donations that closed the gap and added 4700 making all of this possible. We just love everyone we have met through these Men and Women that are more like family than a group of motorcycle riders. Annie loves them and looks forward to our days at their clubhouse. We look forward to spending more time with them.

We leave for St. Louis the 14th/15th and will be doing pre-op testing/evaluations until her surgery on the 19th. We will be traveling home on the 26th, she should be released from the hospital on the 24th but we are staying two extra days just in case they keep her longer.

Thank you again for all your prayers and support!

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