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Post Pumpkins, Lateness and maybe some more help?!



I know this post is late! I am sure you all want to know how pumpkins went but we had a very long weekend ending with a funeral for my husbands grandfather. Death is always sad, we grieve the ones we lose and we never forget them. Death reminds us that life is too short to waste. We all loved you dearly, you will be missed and remembered in our hearts.



Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch at Cokesbury church with Sneaky Tiki! Annie was tired, she told me that she just could not sleep because she was so excited about her upcoming day. The day started off a bit cranky and shy but then Mr. Peter said she could make her own shaved ice and she perked right up! So far Sneaky Tiki has helped us raise $250.00 towards our goal and we could not be more grateful. I hope to see you all at our next event, keep a look out we have been talking about a make your own bracelet day!



We are helping Annie with glass bead bracelets! We have decided that we will work on a way to allow custom lettering since we have the whole alphabet! We will be primarily making "Annies Miracle" bracelets with her but some have requested for custom too. In the meantime if you want custom lettering just shoot us a support ticket that includes your name and special request along with your email and one of us will get back to you ASAP if we are not available immediately.



Some have asked us if we can accept donations with bracelet purchases - we have just updated the site to add items that are donations at different increments, if you need a special increment you can request this.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MORE HELP???

WE SHIPPED 4 MORE BRACELETS THIS WEEKEND! AND HAVE SOLD 21 SHIRTS!!!!!! If you haven't gotten yours, you have until October 25th!

Our new Biker Friends at Southern Saints Brotherhood MC facilitated some help from Shriners, they are going to see what they can do to help us with our trip to St. Louis too! I know many ask about Shriners, they seem like an obvious answer to medical issues with pediatrics and they do excellent work but even this operation is complicated, dangerous and will be out of their hands, regardless they seem positive in their ability to help us towards our goal :-), if you want to know more about the surgery there is some good information on the about page of our site.

we are off to a good start, thank you to everyone for helping the first couple weeks as we got everything going and for your continued support. Thank you for being part of Annie's Miracle.

~mom, dad & Annie

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