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Sweetz T @ 2! and Harley Davidson & WPNN 103.7 & PUMP APPOINTMENTS!

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Huge shout out to Sweetz T @ 2 shop for the support tonight! They have a donation jar, a few of Annie's bracelets and some flyers in their shop, super awesome people, I am so blessed to have met them. Rhonda took the time to really get to know Annie's situation and it really showed they cared, not just about helping her get the surgery but as a person too!

BONUS- if your going to get a tattoo soon hit them up, mention Annie's Miracle and they will make a donation to her fund! So go on out, get your next tattoo and help support a good cause at the same time. To find out more information about Sweetz T @ 2 shop check out their facebook HERE.

P.S. ask Sweetz to show you her new bracelet made by Annie, she is buying up the bracelets so go get yours before they are gone!

we forgot to get a picture this time but its a great excuse to go back, such a good atmosphere there and very inclusive of the families! we will update with pictures soon...

Also today we finalized our first event, nothing huge but its a start, we are going down to Harley Davidson on Sunday 10/11 with donation jars, flyers and bracelets, Annie and my husband and I will be there with Sneaky Tiki Bar to meet anyone that wants to come, we hope to see you there. P.S. Sneaky Tiki Bar will be there selling shaved ice and he has all the seasonal flavors, check out his page HERE for more info!

Also, keep a listen out as I think WPNN 103.7 will be talking about our fundraiser in their announcements soon! Let me know if you hear anything :-).

ANNIE OFFICIALLY HAS STANDING APPOINTMENTS EVERY THURSDAY TO GET HER PUMP TURNED DOWN SLOWLY. This is exciting but will take about 21 weeks due to how high her pump dose is, it may be longer but I am hoping 21 weeks will be enough, this is an agonizing wait.

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