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Big events but Bigger hearts <3

Updated: Oct 29, 2020


Garys Brewery and Biergarten & Cosstello's Butcher shop, deli, fine wines and cheeses

to put on a fun event for the whole family. There will be live music, vendors, food trucks and a raffle held at Gary's Brewery on 11/21/2020. We are finalizing the vendor list and will be sharing the details soon. In the meantime hop on over to our event Here for more information and click "going" or "interested" as we hope to see you there!

If you are interested in having a table at the event please contact stephanie or steven jimmerson by Facebook or email ( or contact us through chat on our site!

We currently have several wonderful vendors that we are working with, some that we have worked with since the beginning and some new ones! we will be updating the event as we get more vendors.

We hope to see you there!

Annie's Miracle gear sites- - bracelets! we will have these at the event too - t-shirts!, order by this weekend for delivery before the event!

Club 500 Challenge with the Southern Saints Brotherhood RC

The Southern Saints Brotherhood MC has been working diligently to put together the club 500 challenge, they are challenging all local businesses and clubs to come together to put in $500 each towards Annies Miracle Fundraiser. They have put in the first 500 and have many other entities from okaloosa county to England that have already committed to their $500 or more! They said meet them or beat them!

To join in the club 500 challenge you can contact

Big Juicy president of

The Southern Saints R.C Navarre FL

850 255 3695


Stephanie Jimmerson




We wanted to make sure that we shared just how wonderful everyone has been, from Christie at Costello's to Crystal at Gary's brewery and the Southern Saints Brotherhood RC (Juicy and Samantha) that are all working very hard to put on these events for us. I feel grateful and blessed. My family has not always been there for us through this except for a few select people and we truly feel that our non-biological family is growing, we have made so many friends through this that we have been filled with love and joy for these people.

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