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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are my donations used?


A: Please click to see our GOALS.


Q: Where do excess donations go?

A: If we receive excess donations, the following will be the plan for funds management:

1. If extra in-patient rehabilitation is required beyond the expected 4 week period, the funds will be used to pay for these expenses.

2. We intend on using remaining funds to create a foundation in Annie's honor to help find solutions for families of children with Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia.

Q: Does my donation appear on


A: personal donations are very appreciated and carry the weight of a majority of funds that our foundation is supported on, however they are not listed on our website as the sheer amount of listings would be difficult to maintain.

Businesses may opt to have their business link on our website as a partner. Business donations must exceed $5,000.00 to appear on the donators page of the website.


If you want your business listed as a donator or vendor, please send a contact us form listing the name your donation was submitted under along with your donation. The contact us section can be located HERE.

Q: Have another question? Contact us HERE.

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