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501C3 status & Orthopedics!

Today was awesome and horrible all at the same time.

We have an awesome accountant @ Counting Every Penny LLC that is donating her time and energy to helping us file for 501C3 and tax exempt status so we can proceed with helping other kids after Annies surgery and making this a foundation to help other kids obtain their miracle surgery. There are so many kids fundraising for this procedure that need this assistance and I only hope we can continue to raise money for them after Annie has her surgery- maybe even on a bigger scale with tax exempt 501C3 status!

On the other hand, we got to meet an old but new orthopedic for Annie, she has not been to ortho in a few years because our favorite ortho had to leave his office and start his own practice and he was kind of far, the other ortho near us was not doing anything for her so we stopped showing up yearly for him to not even examine her, we waited and waited for Dr. Huang to open his new office here in Pensacola.

Unfortunately, the wait and doctor issues on ortho and then COVID causing her therapy to get shut down for 6 months has turned into one of our fears realized. Dr. Huang confirmed for us today that Annie's left knee is contracted and locked, she no longer has full range of motion and will absolutely require tendon release/lengthening post SDR if not before (post is better). On the bright side- her hips are okay, some mild hip dysplasia but nothing severe needing surgery.

Now we wait, we have to wait for the pump to be off, continue fundraising and get her in for SDR ASAP to try and prevent more contractures. Annie will be getting another new pair of braces soon and has a new order for PT to work on her left knee contracture which might mean more therapy pre-op than she has been getting.

NEW WALKER- we picked up Annies new BLUE walker today- she loves it! She does not fully grasp that she will need to use it more and very soon but for now we will monitor how she does!

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