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Harley Davidson, New Walker, upcoming events and more

We had an awesome weekend with Sneaky Tiki at Harley Davidson, everyone is working hard to help Annie reach her goal! Annie gets more and more excited about fundraising every time we sell even one bracelet, she was chasing everyone around giving out her silicone bracelets last Saturday and she loved getting to make a snow man shaved ice with sneaky tiki!

Peter at Sneaky Tiki has been working hard thanks to all of his supporters and Annies supporters we have raised over $2,000 towards our goal!!! Thank you to everyone that has donated and helped spread the word thus far. Remember it will not happen overnight but we will get there, I have faith and hope and we are all working hard.

we have the following events coming up! we hope to see you there :-)


Southern Saints Brotherhood MC is having their 10th anniversary and will be kicking off the club 500 challenge to benefit Annie, this event is open to the public, they will have music by Dakota, food, drinks, axe throwing and raffles so be sure to come :-)


Annies Miracle Day @ Garys Brewery and Biergarten co-hosted by Costellos Butcher and Deli

This event will be loads of fun for the whole family, there will be food trucks, vendors, raffles, drinks and loads of fun! we have a list of vendors in our events page for this! we still have more vendors rolling in and we hope to provide a packed day of fun, christmas shopping and thanksgiving treats.

T-SHIRTS and BRACELETS are still available for purchase so visit the shop for more details!


our friends at CIL disability resources have been more than generous and purchased a brand new walker for Annie, we go pick it up tomorrow and I cant wait to see her face when she sees that its her absolute favorite color BLUE! so keep an eye out as we will share pictures of this soon.


we want to say THANK YOU, our hearts are overflowing with gratefulness for all of the generosity of every person we meet, we appreciate your donations, help spreading the word and your overall kindness towards our sweet girl. We have really enjoyed meeting new people and look forward to meeting more at our upcoming event!

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