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Pics ~ Flights ~ Events

Oh what a day it was, excited to go to Harley Davidson of Pensacola on Sunday from 1-2 ~ don't forget to register for the event! ( I know its not required but hubby says please!)

Bring your shaved ice tummies for some Sneaky Tiki Shaved Ice and meet Annie :-)

The best news of today was that Mercy Flight Southeast has agreed to arrange a flight for Annie to and from St. Louis, one of us will be able to fly with her (small aircraft) and the other will have to drive which works out because we will need a car and it will save us on a rental. Annie was so excited when she found out as she always stresses that long drives cause her stiffness and pain.

Last but not least, enjoy the many faces of Annie by our close friend Brittany, she did such a wonderful job on the photos! P.S. its a slideshow so make sure you look at them all. And I will probably be the worst mom in the world when she becomes a teenager for this but OMG.

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Danielle Stafford
Danielle Stafford
12 de out. de 2020

I am absolutely loving the blog!!

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